Account Security:
A Comprehensive Approach to Safeguarding Against Scams

Welcome to, where we prioritize the security of your investments in an ever-changing global financial landscape. We understand the importance of safeguarding your assets against the backdrop of evolving financial fraud, and we are here to assure you of the robust security measures we have in place.

Understanding Risks and
Countering Phishing Attempts

The term "phishing" represents malicious attempts to acquire personal data by impersonating trustworthy entities through fake websites, emails, calls, or SMS messages. Criminals aim to misuse this data for financial gain, emphasizing the need for vigilance. Unfortunately, the online trading industry is not immune, exemplified by a 2021 Europol collaboration that dismantled a €30 million ($36 million) investment fraud and money laundering ring.

To safeguard against such threats, always verify your interactionwith the official Investiva platform and representatives, preventing falling victim to impostors.

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Our Commitment to Your Security

Robust Security Protocols

Utilizing advanced encryption and cybersecurity methods, we ensure the protection of your data and transactions.


Our systems are monitored around the clock, aligning with the trend of increasing fraudulent activities reported globally.


We strictly adhere to international security standards and regulations, recognizing the global increase in financial crime risks.

Global Perspective on Financial Fraud

UK Statistics

In 2022, more than £1.2 billion was stolen through fraud in the UK, highlighting the significant challenge of financial crime. Notably, a large portion of Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud cases began online.

Global Trends

Financial fraud is a global concern, with online platforms being a common origin point for fraudulent activities. The rise in digital banking and online transactions has led to an increase in sophisticated cybercrime tactics.

Beware of Phishing: Your Security is Our Priority

Understanding Phishing

Phishing is a deceptive practice used by cyber-criminals to acquire sensitive information. It often involves sending emails or messages that mimic those from reputable companies to trick individuals into revealing personal and financial details.

Expanding on the importance of staying informed, responsible trading involves regularly educating oneself about market trends, global economic developments, and changes in financial regulations. Investiva encourages clients to diversify their investment portfolios, reducing the overall risk associated with market fluctuations. Utilizing risk management tools provided by Investiva is essential for effective decision-making and minimizing potential losses.

Deceptive Emails/Messages

These may appear to be from trusted entities like banks or well-known companies, often containing urgent or threatening language.

Suspicious Links/Attachments

Typically include links to fraudulent websites or attachments that can compromise your information.

Official business WhatsApp

Investiva's verified WhatsApp business account may be used for client communication, but sensitive information will never be solicited via WhatsApp. We adhere strictly to contacting you through authorized channels, avoiding third-party involvement. Exercise caution and refrain from sharing personal details or security credentials through various media forms.

Recognizing Phishing Attempts

Unexpected Requests

Be cautious of unsolicited requests for sensitive information.

Check Email Addresses

Fraudulent emails might mimic legitimate addresses with minor discrepancies.

Spelling/Grammar Mistakes

Professional organizations usually don’t have significant errors in their communications.

Be Wary of Links and Attachments

Avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments from unverified sources.

Protecting Yourself from Phishing

Verify the Source

Contact the organization directly through verified means if in doubt.

Update Security Software

Use the latest security software, browsers, and operating systems.

Do Not Share Sensitive Information

Legitimate organizations won’t ask for passwords or PINs via email.

Stay Informed

Keep abreast of the latest phishing techniques.

Investiva’s Commitment
to Your Safety

Official Contact Policy

We will never contact you via a third party regarding your account. Only official Investiva representatives will reach out to you directly.

Guard Your Information

Never give out personal details, account information, or security credentials to anyone contacting you through various forms of media.

What to Do If You
Encounter Phishing

Do Not Respond or Click Links

If you receive a suspicious email, do not engage.

Report Suspected Phishing

Forward the email to the official address of the impersonated organization.

Change Credentials if Compromised

Modify your login details immediately if you suspect a breach.

Seek Support

Contact’s support team for assistance and guidance.

Awareness and vigilance are key in combating phishing.
We at are dedicated to maintaining a secure trading environment and encourage you to reach out with any security concerns.

Assurance in Trading and Investing

Trusted Trading Platform ensures a secure trading environment. Our advanced security protocols protect your assets and personal information.

Following Industry Standards

We strictly adhere to international best practices and regulatory standards, prioritizing security and compliance.

Support for Secure Trading

Our customer support team is ready to address your security concerns, ensuring a safe trading experience.

Protect your personal data

Verified Investiva representatives will

  • Only contact you through appropriate channels, such as the email address associated with your account
  • Provide Assistance: Offer help with platform-related queries, technical support, or guidance regarding your account and our services.
  • Representatives will communicate in a professional manner, using official Investiva email addresses or through verified channels on our platform.
  • They may verify your identity using standard security questions but only during a support call or interaction initiated by you.
  • Always respect your privacy and confidentiality, adhering to data protection laws and Investiva's privacy policy.
  • Keep you informed about new services, updates, and legitimate opportunities related to

Verified Investiva representatives will not

  • Ask you to move your money to a so-called “safe account” or any other place
  • Investiva representatives will not contact you via personal emails or social media accounts.
  • Ask you for your account password or Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) code
  • Never ask for your password or security credentials. Remember, sharing your password compromises the security of your account.
  • We will never pressure you to make quick decisions or use high-pressure tactics. Our communications are always focused on providing clear and helpful information.

Staying Safe and Informed

If you ever receive a communication that seems unusual or suspect it may not be from an official Investiva representative, please contact us immediately through our official channels. We are here to assist you and ensure your experience with is secure and trustworthy.

Trading Assets Trading Assets

Your Role in Enhancing Security


Strong Passwords and 2FA

We recommend creating robust passwords and enabling 2FA for an additional layer of security.


Stay Informed and Alert

Awareness of the latest fraud trends is crucial. We provide educational resources to help you recognize and avoid potential scams.


Prompt Reporting of Suspicious Activities

Your vigilance is invaluable. If you notice any unusual activity, report it immediately to enhance collective security.


Your Password

Avoid entering passwords after following links in untrusted emails. Directly navigate to, refrain from saving passwords in browsers, and periodically change them.


Guard Against Viruses and Malware

Install trusted antivirus software and conduct regular scans. If suspicious programs are detected, promptly follow instructions to remove them.


Keep Systems Updated

Ensure operating systems and browsers receive regular updates for security fixes. If using public computers, exercise caution by signing out and regularly clearing browser data.

Protect your password

Never enter your password after following a link in an email from an untrusted site. Always go directly to

Do not save your password in the browser. If anyone else ever accesses your computer, saved passwords are easily revealed.

Never use the same password on another website and change your password periodically.

Check for viruses and malware

Install trusted antivirus software on your computer and mobile devices and set them to scan regularly. If a scan detects any suspicious programs or applications, immediately follow instructions to safely remove them.

Perform regular operating system and browser updates

Updates also may include important security fixes. Make sure you’ve set your computer to update automatically, and if you get a manual notice to update, take care of it right away.
If you access your Investiva account on a public computer, take these extra steps:

  • Always sign out of your account.
  • Clear forms, passwords, cache, and cookies from the browser on a regular basis.

GDPR Compliant



ISO/IEC 27001

Staying Ahead in a Digital World

The digital world brings both opportunities and challenges. is dedicated to harnessing the power of technology to enhance security while remaining vigilant against potential threats. We believe in empowering our users with the tools and knowledge to protect their investments and trade with confidence.At, your security is our top priority.

Together, we create a secure, trustworthy, and prosperous trading environment.

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Still Have Questions?

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